Decentralized Advisors will help you make the best decentralized wastewater treatment system decision for your Town, Village, Community, Business, Development, Homeowner Association, Lake Association, Citizen Group or Environmental Group.

The below pictures are an installed Clarus Fusion ETU Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OSWTS) in Amenia, NY serving a mixed use commercial/residential building with a restaurant and three residential apartments on a small lot.



 On Top of 3-Finished Commercial Fusion ETUs              Diagram of Clarus Fusion ETU                            Inside View of Active Clarus Fusion ZF800 ETU                Inside View of Active Clarus Fusion ZF800


Bob Eichinger and Ed Barnett are both members of the Westchester County NY Septic Sub-Committee. The following link is to the Westchester County Septic Sub-Committee website page which has an excellent collection of presentations, reports and information focused on Decentralized Wastewater Treatment


The following link is from a Long Island Civic Group highlighting the decentralized wastewater treatment system forum Bob Eichinger and Ed Barnett presented at on January 31, 2011:


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